When we created Ypsilon Software Ltd (pronounced oopsilon), we were inspired by three things. First of all, Ypsilon is an astronomical unit the ratio of mass to light, and this gave us the idea of balance between the “mass” of software i.e. the depth of its functionality and the “light” of the software i.e. its usability. On the one hand, software with incredible functionality is no good unless the usability allows users to get the full benefit of that functionality. Likewise, no matter how good the software looks, if it has no depth, it has limited usefulness.

The second idea that inspired us was the Ypsilon Bridge in Norway.

Bridges in general are inspiring because they join together things that were previously separated, just as good software can often do, but the Ypsilon Bridge is doubly interesting because it is an unusual and innovative response to a problem.

At Ypsilon Software, we pride ourselves on innovative solutions to problems.

Finally, when we were designing the logo for the company based on the Greek letter Y, the graphic designer drew it in dark green with one of the arms in light green and that made us immediately think of a plant growing.

Growth is one of the things we want to help to foster in our customers.

We also want to design applications that are not fixed at the time of design, but can grow and change as technology and requirements change, just as plants develop and evolve over time to take maximum advantage of their environment.

Ypsilon Software Ltd is a software house and consultancy specialising in innovative, modern software solutions founded on many years of experience in developing solid, long-lasting but flexible business systems but embracing the latest technologies.