Ypsilon’s special area of expertise in developer training is in the developer tools of Progress Software Corporation. Here are some of the courses offered:

1. Basic ABL programming
2. Developing GUI applications     using ADM1/ ADM2
3. Developing GUI applications using GUI     for .NET
4. Object Oriented ABL
5. Interfacing with Windows Mobile /     WinCE devices
6. Developing Hybrid Mobile apps using     Telerik Platform/ REST services/     OpenEdge JSDO

Courses are generally run in-house and can be customised for your requirements and the existing skill level of your developers.

Moore’s Law vs. Preece’s Law

Gordon Moore’s famous law effectively says that computing power will double every eighteen months. Preece’s Law states that the only thing that grows faster than computing power is the demands of state of the art development tools, and the only thing that grows faster than that is user expectations!

To keep up with these ever-growing user expectations, you need to be constantly updating your development tools and that means constant developer training. Not only that, but it is well documented that keeping your developer’s skills up to date is a more important factor in retaining these crucial people than salary or perks.