With many years of experience in designing and implementing business solutions using a wide variety of technologies in a wide variety of industries and sectors, Ypsilon’s consultants can advise you on the design of new applications, can troubleshoot problematic systems and advise on the merits of new and upcoming technologies.

Choosing a vendor can be very difficult, whether it be hardware, packaged software, integration partner or development partner. Vendors’ sales consultants are rightly valued by their companies for their skill in making the most of their companies’ strengths but more crucially, disguising their weaknesses. With our long experience in the IT business, we can help to validate and disentangle the claims of competing vendors, using techniques such as benchmarks, deep knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various technologies and penetrating study of reference sites.

User Interface design has been one of our core obsessions since the arrival of Windows gave developers a huge palette of knobs, buttons, sliders and graphics to scatter liberally over their creations. But User Interface Design is not about whether to use a drop-down list or a radio-set on a screen, it’s not even really about software. Almost everything we interact with has a user interface, whether it’s a door, a kitchen appliance, a road sign or a complex machine. UI Design begins with understanding who the users are, what they need to achieve in their interaction with the device or service, how often they use it and what are the criteria for a successful design and proceeds from there.

Software Development for business systems is the heart of our offering. Whether it be developing an app for a mobile device, interfacing that app with a back-end business system, developing interactive applications for

use by the employees of an enterprise or implementing complex business logic, Ypsilon developers have probably done it before.
Our main area of domain knowledge is in the Supply Chain, from Warehouse Management right through to Retail Point of Sale. Our language and tools expertise focusses particularly on the toolset produced by Progress Software Corporation. This includes OpenEdge Advanced Business Language, Object Oriented design, Telerik Platform (for developing cross-platform Mobile apps), .NET, C#, HTML5/ CSS/ JavaScript/ jQuery/ jQuery Mobile/ Kendo Mobile UI.

Our principle consultant, Brian Preece, is well known in the Progress world and is a frequent speaker at conferences throughout Europe and the USA.